Retro Gaming Weekly News #0001

Sega News


The Genesis (or Megadrive as we call it in Europe) 2 has been announced, and it is apparently more powerful and comes with 50 games, and some Sega (Mega) CD titles – which include Sonic CD and Shining Force CD (😍). Preorders are up on Amazon in the USA exclusively and launches October 27th. The machine comes with the goat 6 button pad and the hardware is based on the Genesis/Megadrive 2 form factor. The Verge


Den of Geek published an article on “20 Sega Genesis games that were way ahead of their time” which is an interesting read. Way ahead is a bit of an overstatement, but worth a read as there are some great games to remember. I would of put Flashback at #1 but you will need to read to find out which game takes top spot. Den of Geek


Tech news today give their view on the 18 best Sega Saturn games of all time. Have they missed any classics? Tech News Today


Nintendo News


A fan has made a 5.5” screen old school TV with a working Super Famicom integrated and it looks amazing! Nintendo Life


See how some rom-hackers are taking some of the classic Nintendo Gameboy games and adding colour, which brings a whole other lease of life to these titles. Nintendo Life


A nice piece from Destructoid on the Konami Famicom game Wai Wai World. Back in the days where platformers were everywhere. Destructoid


Twinfinate list the Top 10 rarest SNES games that are worth a lot. Do you own any? Twinfinate

A nice reimagined version of the OG Gameboy to consider what it might of looked like if the Advance had remained monochrome. The Verge


There is a new $280 Lego Bowser with 2,807 pieces is due to hit shelves on 1st October. Games Radar


Universal Studios Hollywood Store has added a Nintendo merchandise section for their upcoming park addition. You can find a walkthrough and lots of pictures in this article. Wdwnt


You can not get almost every English SNES manual online due to an effort from streamer Peebs and Reddit. Techdirt

Other News

Glitched wrote a nice piece on the history of the 1983 video game crash and how Atari and ET were key protagonists in this. Glitched


How to emulated the Panasonic 3DO M2 console that never was never released (designed to go head to head with the N64 and Ps1), but 5 games were released and you can now play them on MAME. Exputer


Atari announced the Atari 50 The Anniversary Collection which is coming to PC’s and games consoles in November. Gurufocus

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